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PAN-Metrics 2024

PAN-Metrics 2024: Seminar on Novel Measurement Problems in Social Sciences: Response Styles, Careless Responding, Measurement Invariance, Log‑Data, and Technology-Based Measurement took place from May 15th to 17th, 2024, at the Staszic Palace in Warsaw.

PAN-Metrics is a new conference organized by IFiS PAN, hosted by the Department of Computational Social Science. This international event, held in English, serves as a platform for collaborative research for those addressing measurement issues in broadly defined social sciences (sociology, psychology, educational sciences, political sciences, etc.). The conference particularly focuses on new measurement-related topics, such as the use of technology in social research and its integration with traditional research and analytical methods.

The event attracted researchers from Poland and several other European countries, including Germany, Cyprus, and Norway. Represented institutions and research organizations included: University of Oslo, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, DIPF – Leibnitz Institute for Research and Information in Education (Frankfurt am Main), Humboldt University of Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, University of Cyprus, and University College London. Among Polish institutions, there were representatives from, i.a., the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw School of Economics, and the Educational Research Institute.

The conference was highlighted by lectures from five invited guests, distinguished researchers in the field of social science measurement.

Keynote speeches were delivered by:

  • Esther Ulitzsch (University of Oslo): Confirmatory mixture models for investigating careless and insufficient effort responding in ecological momentary assessments
  • Francesca Borgonovi (UCL): ‘Screen time’ as an input and a measurement instrument of educationally relevant phenomena
  • Ulf Kroehne (DIPF): Design of computer-based assessment and the interpretation of log data
  • Alexander Robitzsch (IPN Kiel): Why Full, Partial, or Approximate Measurement Invariance Are Not a Prerequisite for Meaningful and Valid Group Comparisons
  • Oliver Luedtke (IPN Kiel): A comparison of different approaches for estimating cross-lagged effects

The conference was opened by the Director of IFiS PAN, Professor Andrzej Rychard, who in his opening speech emphasized the importance of measurement and methodological research in the era of ubiquitous, easily accessible data.

PAN-Metrics was financially supported by the National Science Centre (grant 2019/33/B/HS6/00937), the Foreign Cooperation Office of PAN (BWZ PAN), and the Committee for the Dissemination and Promotion of Scientific Activities of PAN (Komisja UiPDN PAN). We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the administrative staff of the Institute and the Staszic Palace, especially Ms. Dorota Żernaczuk, Ms. Grażyna Drążyk, and Ms. Alicja Woźniak, for their assistance in organizing the event.

The conference’s Organising Committee:

  • Artur Pokropek – Chair
  • Maria Flakus
  • Marek Muszyński
  • Hubert Plisiecki
  • Tomasz Żółtak