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About computational social sciences

Computational social science is a research area that aims to analyze sociocultural phenomena using new types of data and digital technologies. The issues addressed within computational social science are particularly meaningful because technological advances have generated an unprecedented amount of digital data that can be used to study traditional social science topics such as democracy, prejudice, misinformation, security, economic growth, and social inequality. Computational social sciences enable entirely new lines of research and the development of existing disciplines using new methods. They operate at the intersection of social science and data science.

Methodologically, computational social science combines statistics, data science, machine learning, and computer science. Computational social sciences are significantly impacting empirical research, primarily through big data analyses and studies of the digital footprints left by online social activities. They also significantly impact scientific theory, particularly by building simulation models of social phenomena.

About the department

The goal of the department is to develop and provide methods and tools for the social sciences to analyze digital behavioral data (produced in interactions with computers, phones, and other devices) and to combine digital data with traditional survey data to improve the analysis of a wide range of sociocultural phenomena. The department addresses these tasks using machine learning, natural language processing, network analysis, psychometrics, and statistical modeling, combining various research and statistical techniques with social science expertise.

The department engages in purely sociological research and multidisciplinary projects, applying the developed methods to various data types. It pays particular attention to the implementation aspect of research, which can positively influence the socio-economic development of our country.

About the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology

The department was established in January 2023 within the structures of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (IFiS PAN). The primary objective of the Institute is to conduct advanced research in philosophy, sociology, cognition, and communication sciences. In addition to research work, the Institute conducts educational and publishing activities and undertakes efforts to popularize science. More information about the Institute can be found on its official website.